Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Gusto and O'Malley


At 3/02/2005 8:29 PM, Blogger frightwig said...

My favorite Gusto picture.

At 3/03/2005 7:53 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

God speed Gusto--


At 3/06/2005 6:13 PM, Anonymous Pepper said...

"Is there any other sport but baseball that can give you that kind of sensation from day to day? It's like the lunar pull on the tides. When my baseball team is on a winning streak, I'm riding the slipstream right along with the guys."

This is beautifully written. I want to cut and paste it to all my friends who don't understand (if you don't mind). Also, your cats are lovely.

At 3/06/2005 7:29 PM, Blogger frightwig said...

Pepper, be my guest. It may be a half-remembered sentiment I gleaned from Roger Angell or Thomas Boswell, anyway. Or perhaps Carl Jung. :) Thanks for the kind words. I'll have more cat photos next weekend!


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