Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Safe at Home

So I woke up late Tuesday afternoon, face-down in frosting and not quite sure of where I was, the room beginning to spin when I couldn't even find a Twins game on the radio. All I remember of Monday is walking into a theatre out in Oakdale... Sideways... that rings a bell... and now I have chocolate all over my shirt. Wine tasting? Did I go wine-tasting? Or was that just something I saw in the theatre? Wow, it's all a fog. I don't think I made it to Tijuana, but I guess I must've had a good time. And now I am safe at home, I still have all ten fingers, nine toes, and there's half a cake in the fridge. Solid.

I had a blazing rant ready about the Restovich situation as chronicled in the Strib this weekend, but while I was menacing the East suburbs it looks like Aaron took care of it pretty well. So I'll hold my fire until I see Resto actually get traded or put on waivers.

I'd like to believe that not even Gardy would throw away Michael Restovich just so he could carry a second backup futility infielder as well as Eric Munson or Michael Ryan. I'd like to believe that Gardy can figure out a use for a former 2nd round pick who has hit at every level of pro ball, a local boy who has even hit a respectable .274/.364/.442 in his first 129 PA's in a Twins uniform, a burly young OF who has hit .340/.380/.532 vs. lefty pitching in the majors so far and could be an ideal platoon compliment to a certain RF who struggles to hit lefty pitching. I'd like to believe that Gardy can see the plus side to having another righty bat who might pinch-hit for the young lefty-bat regulars the club has at 1st base or Catcher, when a tough lefty is on the mound, or else could hit for certain good-glove/no-stick middle infielders in the late innings.

He wouldn't just throw away those possibilities and all the years the club has put into Resto's development, so he could keep Juan Castro AND Nick Punto (or, Dear Lord, those two AND Augie Ojeda) or take a flyer on Eric Munson, would he?

I want to give you the benefit of the doubt, Gardy. I'm keeping my powder dry here. Don't blow this call, and everything will be cool. Come on over to La Casa if you need a sounding board from the outside. I'll even save you some cake. Double Chocolate.

Til then....


At 3/23/2005 6:34 AM, Anonymous Dianna said...

Restovich is out of options but might play for Rochester on a 20-day rehabilitation stint. He broke his collarbone slipping on ice this winter and has struggled throwing the ball. Rather than being released or traded, he could be placed on the disabled list and rejoin the Wings. What happens after that remains to be seen.

At 3/23/2005 6:42 AM, Anonymous roger said...

Why is everyone hung up over Restovich's departure. In 2006 the Twins will add Kubel to the mix...Restovich has no future with this team. The best thing for him is an opportunity to play with another team. Let him go! Let's hope we get something in return.

At 3/23/2005 10:20 PM, Blogger frightwig said...

That's an interesting idea, Dianna.

Roger: who knows what kind of shape Kubel will be in to play next season. Not only did he tear up his knee pretty badly, but his bat could need retuning after the year off, as well.

Jones probably will be gone. Stewart's contract is up after 2006. Longterm, I think Resto still could have a place in the organization. Besides, it would be a shame if the club threw away a good prospect, who has done about all that's been asked of him, without really giving him a significant chance to move into the Twins lineup.

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