Tuesday, April 12, 2005

M*A*S*H Updates

La Velle reports that after further medical examinations of Carlos Silva's knee, the team doctors for the Twins and the Wild agree that the meniscus tear may not be as serious as initially thought. He may be able to pitch again within a few weeks, without surgery; but Silva will get one more opinion before deciding what to do.

Considering the track record of Eric Milton and Joe Mauer, two Twins players who prematurely returned from similar injuries only to aggravate the injury and wind up on the shelf for another year, color me skeptical.

The club also announced that Justin Morneau's second CT scan and a MRI exam revealed no damage. Good to hear, although it must not give him too much comfort to be told that the tests can't explain why he still feels dizziness and headaches. I've had personal experience with mysterious pains which multiple doctors and their tests can't explain, and no drug makes the symptoms go away. The way I'm feeling, how can the tests say everything looks normal?? You don't have to be a hypochondriac, in that kind of situation, to start lying awake half the night imagining what kind of stealthy ailment might be killing you. The kid has my deep sympathy. I hope the doctors are giving you some peace of mind, Justin, and you're feeling better even as you wake up this morning. Take care.

For those wondering about a follow-up on Mariners pitcher Bobby Madritsch, who came out of his start against the Twins last week with tears in his eyes and holding his left arm: an augmented MRI revealed a torn capsule in his left shoulder that may require season-ending surgery. If you're familiar with the M's history with young pitchers going down with ruinous arm injuries... sigh. It's like the Twins and their damn meniscii. Sad.


At 4/12/2005 10:44 AM, Blogger SBG said...

I was once in a car accident and was knocked out cold for about an hour. Concussion. Let me tell you that I had the worst damn headache for about 4 days. But, I never had the dizziness that Morneau had.

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