Wednesday, May 18, 2005


I understand that the issue of GameDay featuring an article about Twins bloggers is on sale outside the Metrodome during this homestand, and it's my honor to be included amongst the survey with this highlight:

Sundappled Wood, perhaps the most interestingly named Twins blog, has its own unique charm. Its author, a fellow that goes by Frightwig, throws out an interesting blend of game commentary, stats analysis, humor, and a formidable vocabulary. The blog has only been around since March of this year, but is quickly becoming required reading. And not the kind of required reading you have to do for English 309: Rhetoric of Rural America, which meets at eight in the morning all semester, but something you can actually derive enjoyment from.

I feel you should know that I'm guilty of feeding them the line about my "formidable vocabulary," but it was intended as the setup of a joke--the punchline being something like, 'I'm proud to read and write at an 11th grade level--and if that's not enough, I have pictures of my cats on the weekends.' Ha! So, just in case any GameDay readers are dropping in and wondering if they will be quizzed on the meaning of words like "verisimilitude" or "abecedarian," the answer is No. That was last week's quiz. I'll have a new list of words for you on Friday, so be sure to come back for that to get a head start on your homework for the weekend.

On the plus side, I would never require you to meet me at eight in the morning--to talk about the Rhetoric of Rural America, or for any other reason. I'm hard, but I'm not cruel.

Meanwhile, thank you to the GameDay writer Kyle Eliason for including me in the story, and for his kind comments about my blog. If you're going to the games this week, pick up a GameDay program before heading inside. It's a cool thing to have independent coverage of the Twins included with scorecards for sale outside the stadium, and certainly deserving of our support.


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