Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Give and Take

As usual, we're generating some good discussion between this blog and the Stick and Ball Guy site. This is part of a reply I posted at his site, in response to his most recent post on the ballpark issue, which I think bears repeating here:

I don't imagine that the Marty/Krinkie plan would be accepted by the Twins, not in a million years. But it should be a good starting point for negotiation. Right now, the Twins want everything. Marty/Krinkie are saying, give 75% to the public. If we all want a partnership on this deal, they ought to be able to negotiate a compromise between those two positions. Yes?

For many fans, paying the taxes for the pleasures of watching the Twins play outdoors is well worth the money. OK. But that feeling isn't the majority view. So, and I can't emphasize this enough, how do you appeal to those who aren't charmed by the delights of baseball under blue skies?

Many baseball fans support the Twins' plan out of self-interest. The Twins are pushing a specific plan that entirely serves their self-interest. That still leaves a majority of the people looking at that $353 million bill and wondering, "What's in it for me?" To win them over, what can the Twins give them?

There should be concessions from both sides in any fair negotiation. What are the Twins giving up for their part?


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