Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Would You Rather Be Right....

Just one more comment on the ballpark issue for the week....

On this issue, I have occasionally thought about the question, "Would you rather be right, or have a ballpark?"

I want a ballpark done right, is all, although if the club managed to push through a shady scheme that built a nice facility, I would eventually accept what happened and enjoy the new baseball cathedral. But that's because I am a fan at heart. See, I am not the Twins' strongest opposition. Ultimately, I am not the sort they have to worry about winning over. To get their way, they really have to persuade those who aren't so irrationally passionate and devoted to baseball.

And when you press those folks on resolving this issue, they might rightly ask: Just exactly who is holding his hand out here? Carl Pohlad is the one asking for the $353 million favor from the public, and has been for a decade. He's created the issue. He's the one hoping to land the financial backing to get the issue resolved. If he isn't willing to negotiate or make concessions to resolve the issue and get his ballpark built, whose fault is that? Isn't he the one who is really cutting off his nose to spite his face?

When Pohlad or Jerry Bell protest, "But they did it this way in these other cities," how is that persuasive? Should a man justify abusing his wife because the neighbor next door does it too? Should we accept lower standards of education, environmental protection, and labor laws in Minnesota, based on the way things are done in Texas or Florida? I won't apologize for saying that we deserve something better here. Those who have insisted on a fair deal for the public should feel proud. If Pohlad and his representatives would negotiate towards an agreeable resolution, we should wind up with a better project than we'd have if our public officials had capitulated years ago.

Meanwhile, Carl is the one with his hand out. The onus is on Carl and Jerry to move things forward. Now, do they want to be "right" and get all the goodies to themselves, just because some other clubs got such sweet deals, or do they want a ballpark?


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