Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Ah, memories...

While the Twins manager and Strib writers pine over Cristian Guzman and his "nose for winning," F-Robby in Washington has about had it with his winning veteran Shortstop.

Robinson also has not been happy with Guzman's arm, as his throws have been in the dirt lately.

Robinson said that there is no correlation between Guzman's hitting slump (he is hitting .188 for the season) and his fielding problems.

"The error he made [on Monday] -- do you think he made it because he's in a hitting slump?" Robinson asked. "I don't know where that error came from. I don't understand it.

"He is also making errors because his throws are low. We talked to him twice about it last night, and then he made another low throw, and [first baseman] Nick [Johnson] had to scoop it out of the dirt. What is that? That's not being focused.

"I really don't understand how a Major League shortstop of his caliber misses ground balls like that. You take a guy from Class Z ball, and he would at least catch that ball. That's what's puzzling about those errors. I can think of three or four errors that he has like that."

We know the feeling, Frank. Get used to it.

No, I don't care what you read in the papers, you can't send him back.


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At 8/20/2005 9:29 PM, Blogger Moss said...

Ummmm, maybe they should have scouted Guzman a little before giving him that ridiculous contract. Any person who followed the Twins could have told F-Rob that Guzman was replaceable in every way, and for cheap.

The Morneau-for-Mientkiewicz defensive exchange has not been as bad as many predicted, but Minky DID save tons of errors by Guzman. Unfortunately Minky doesn't play in DC.


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