Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Gardy's Log

Tuesday, 9.27.05
4.57 am

The team is 8-15 this month and has scored 83 runs in those 23 games, an average of 3.61 runs per game. Since putting up a 10-spot against Oakland last Wednesday--with Punto, Rivas, and Tyner each stealing a base!!--we have scored just 7 runs in the last 5 games. Last night, we were shut out by the Kansas City Royals. Some kid named J.P. Howell, who spent half the season in AAA Omaha and came into the game with an ERA north of 7, went all Felix Hernandez on us and no-hit the boys for 5 innings before he had to come out because he'd already thrown 97 pitches.

But what can I do? Torii and Stewie are out, Guzy is gone, and that wily Canuck Koskie went back to Canada. How's a manager supposed to get a running game going with all that speed and cunning experience missing? I've spoken to Terry Ryan about bringing in more speed for next season. I've been riding him about it since early August, actually. He says he'll see what he can do to get more guys like that Tyner kid for me. I reminded him that Neifi Perez will be available, and that we could use a veteran like Kenny Lofton, too. But I'm not sure whether he takes me seriously. I can never tell when he's just humoring me anymore.

I was talking to Harmon awhile back, on the day they gave out those little statues in his honor. I asked if he could help me sell the youngsters on the importance of doing all the little things that make up Twins Baseball. He just smiled and said maybe he wasn't the right man for the job. That's what's so great about the Killer. So humble. Truly a man from another era. The Twins organization may never see another player of his like again. Damn the luck!

I just don't know what to do with this current crop. Some of 'em wouldn't know how to get down a sac bunt or move the runner along with a productive out even if I could get Harmon himself to explain it to them. If I had a dollar for every hour of sleep I've lost, stewing over a busted hit-and-run, a bad bunt, or some failure to get a damn flyball to rightfield, I'd be half as rich as Carl by now.

We hoped to see Morneau take care of run production in the cleanup spot, but that's been a bust, too. Scotty Ullger has tried everything. We've tried telling him to focus on gaining his comfort by driving the ball the opposite way, we've tried telling him just to let 'er fly. We've preached aggressiveness, we've suggested watching Mauer for tips on working the count. Nothing works! He just looks lost and confused out there.
Kids! I would just about kill for one veteran slugger out of the Boston lineup to bat cleanup for us next season. If only....

Well, that's life. One more week of watching this, and I can go fishin'. I wonder if Dougie will take me out on his boat this year? Note to self: ask daughter to send me his e-mail address again. Or I wonder if I can get his phone number from Terry?


At 9/27/2005 7:28 AM, Blogger Moss said...

Moss notes that the 'Tool has been successful in getting the Twins to master one strategy -- the GIDP. They've also shown acumen at Moss' personal favorite variant, the strikeout-throwout DP. This past week they've even stretched to demonstrate the flyout-forceout DP. Quite an impressive array...

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