Friday, October 07, 2005

So Long

Dear Geek,

Sorry to read that you're shutting down the blog.

You were the first Twins fan to stake out your own journal space outside the bulletin board communities, developing your personal blend of geek analysis and kidtales of Cheetos-dust and bathtime follies. You won acclaim and a loyal following, spots on WCCO, a contract with the Star Tribune online. Finally, the coup de grâce, the crème de la crème, your magnus opus: the one-stop blogging community, Twins Territory. A thousand people or more each day would drop in for your take on the state of the team, and to get in on the conversation.

I've seen a number of bloggers give you credit for inspiring them to start up their own humble sites. As for myself, truth is, I was intimidated by the example you set. Your columns always were so insightful and fresh, and I always have been in awe of your ability to keep up your high standard so consistently. If I still felt like I had to match Twins Geek in order to justify claiming my own space in the blogosphere, I still wouldn't have created this site. I still might be devoting my energy to bulletin board arguments and backbenching at bloggers who write about the Timberpups after an especially exciting Twins win. Sorry about doing that to you, I hope it's not too late to say. I can see now that I was trying to improve you, because I wasn't ready to do it for myself. In my backwards way, I meant the complaints as a compliment.

It's a shame that the Strib, 'CCO, or some show like Rosen's late night gabfest don't have the sense to get you on their payroll. Really, in a town where the goddamn 'CCO weatherman is a cross-media celebrity, none of the local media can see the possibilities in giving Twins Geek his own show and newspaper column? Who wouldn't like to see you cracking jokes and giving the needle to Grandpa Sports, Red-Faced Reusse, and some Vikings lineman every Sunday night? They need someone like you, Geek. Now you're shutting down, and we're all the poorer for the loss. I hope it's not forever.

Take care and don't be a stranger. Best of luck.



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