Monday, April 03, 2006

Opening Day

I have some thoughts on the Twins' final roster selections, but today I'm too happily preoccupied watching the all-day baseball broadcasts to bother pulling together a real entry.

The ice rink boards at the local park have been packed away, it's 48 degrees and sunny outside, I gots the door to the porch open, a cool drink in my hand, and I'm halfway to watching a half-dozen baseball games on the teevee before the night is through. Now ain't this cause for a National Holiday? Yee-haw.

The plight of Jason Bartlett can keep 'til tomorrow.

Meanwhile, you might skip on over to the Third Base Line blog, where I'm participating in the latest edition of Around the Horn. Check us out. We got this game of Shadowball down to both a science and an art form.


At 4/04/2006 12:26 PM, Anonymous Aaron.* said...

Time to update the dead leaf background.

At 4/05/2006 2:48 PM, Blogger frightwig said...

Probably, but I still have dead leaves covering the grass in my yard!

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