Thursday, April 21, 2005


Apparently Blogger was down for some kind of "scheduled maintenance" earlier today. Good idea to do that on a Thursday evening, guys, and thanks for letting your users know in advance. And by "in advance," I mean "10 minutes after the site went offline." Well done.

Well, I guess I'm in no position to give you pithy and insightful remarks about the Twins today, anyway. The last two games haven't been on local TV, and I don't know Aaron's super secret for getting around the blackout to watch the RSTN feed from Kansas City. Won't it be nice when the club finally gets this Victory One issue settled? We'll never miss another Twins game, and certainly not when Johan is pitching. Seeing the Twins on TV again will be such a treat. I've almost forgotten what it's like. Johan Santana still pitches for us, right? I assume so, but I can't be sure. Between internet outages and TV blackouts, news from Minneapolis to St. Paul can travel slowly when I have to rely on the pony messengers and pigeons to keep me informed.

No, I've heard rumors through the grapevine about this afternoon's game: that the Twins had 22 baserunners and this time scored roughly half (yow!), LeCroy and Ford combined for 7 hits in the #4-5 spots in the order, and Gardy sent Gassner and Guerrier out to get roughed up yet somehow Terry Mulholland avoided an appearance. I guess Old Terence only pitches the 7th and 8th with a 1-run lead now. I also get the impression that the Twins won in some dramatic fashion, but you know how it is with rumors on the grapevine. The Metrodome could implode, and by the time word got across the river to me tomorrow I may hear, "Ron Gardenhire is a toad." As if I needed the confirmation, thanks. So don't quote me on any of this. You heard nothing from me.

But if you're interested in a little gossip, how about this: my sources tell me that backup Catcher Mike Redmond left today's game with bruised ribs and little birdies circling his cranium after Mike Sweeney crashed into him at home plate. I hope he's doing well, of course, but if I were the sort of guy to spread conspiracy theories... well, isn't it interesting that one of the Twins' backup catchers should go down with a minor injury the day before Justin Morneau is due to return from the Disabled List and would otherwise force a roster move? Now is a certain team manager relieved to avoid letting go of one of his fetish items tomorrow, or what? What's Corky Miller been up to in the last 24 hours, anyway? Hey, I don't know! I'm just saying....

We'll see what happens Friday.

Meanwhile, they say Michael Restovich is hitting .348/.375/.565 (a solid .309 adjusted Equivalent Average) in his first 10 games and 24 plate appearances with the Colorado Rockies. But remember, you heard nothing from me.

In lieu of solid information or insight, however, if you've read this far I have a treat for you. Well, it's a treat for you if you enjoy silliness and the absurd.

I give you,
Leonard Nimoy. (Quicktime movie) Peter Jackson, eat your heart out.


At 4/22/2005 6:45 AM, Anonymous ropger said...

Don't downplay a great performance by Guerrier. He pitched very well and Gardy left him in an inning to long. He has pitched a total of what...3-4 innings since spring training. Putting him out for another inning after going 3+ was ok, but as soon as the first homer went out he should have been replaced.

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