Monday, May 02, 2005


Two actual messages received in my mailbox on Sunday afternoon, May 1, when the White Sox led the division by 1.5 games:

From: ZenSmellsLikePOOP
To: frightwig
Subject: FYI

Predicting the White Sox to finish with 75 wins when they have the MLB Record for 25 games in a row to start the seaon off, in which Chicago has had the lead every single game played. Chew on that brainiac.

From: MakeYaSayUgh
To: frightwig
Subject: Hey idiot

You picked the White Sox 21st overall? Boy, are you dumb.

You'd think they've never seen their team in 1st place at the start of May before, bless their hearts.


At 5/02/2005 4:16 PM, Blogger Batgirl said...

It does get cuter every year.


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