Friday, June 24, 2005

Kitten Patrol

Keeping tabs on Ornette

There may be something more interesting over there... (O'Malley)

Phew! Naptime


At 6/25/2005 1:30 AM, Anonymous Kristi said...

Ornette was nice to share a corner of his paper with her for a little while.

At 6/25/2005 1:33 AM, Anonymous Kristi said...

P.S. Tell Izzy she can earn her keep by using that fluffy tail as a duster. Cute!

At 6/25/2005 11:57 AM, Blogger SBG said...

Come over and get a glimpse of Eleanor Rigby.

At 6/25/2005 3:51 PM, Blogger Batgirl said...

I'm glad to see everyone's letting Izzy in for a while.

We were just gone for two weeks and suddenly there's peace in the village where there wasn't before. Eva always hissed when Petra (the kitten) got too close, but now she doesn't anymore. Weird.

At 6/26/2005 3:39 AM, Blogger frightwig said...

The friend you had checking in on them must have a mystical way with animals, Beege.

Kristi: sometimes I refer to Izzy as "Swiffer" or "Dustmop" because she can collect dust, loose fur, and other particles off the floor rather easily.

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