Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Twins 4, Giants 3 (11 inn.)

Hey, whaddya know. We had a tie game in the 9th, 10th, and 11th; Gardy tapped his best relievers to hold the score rather than call on his veteran rubber arm (like Alou did); and the Twins won this one. Huh! Now, I'm not saying that going to Rincon, Nathan and Crain guaranteed the win, but it gave the Twins an advantage over the Giants with Fassero and Walker going for them, didn't it?

Why would a manager play his strongest hand like that at home, but not a few days before on the road?

Nice to see the Twins scratch out a win in a tight game, anyway. I'd like to have seen the team capitalize better on the Ray Durham error in the 6th and bring in some more runs with the bases loaded; yet again, the Twins let the opponent off the hook in that situation, when eventual hero Shannon Stewart grounded out to 3rd. But it was a well-pitched game by both sides, and the Twins showed some heart in taking another comeback victory.

God's favorite creation pitched a tidy 8 innings, allowing 3 runs while striking out 7 Gigantes; and in the 1st inning, like a cat he dove off the right side of the mound to corral a squib-grounder and popped back up to throw out the fleet Omar Vizquel at 1st base. Cuddy Bear had 3 hits, including a homer that glanced off the top of Moises Alou's glove to put the Twins on the board in the 5th, and the leadoff single that set up his winning run in the 11th. Shannon Stewart atoned for his missed opportunity in the 6th by delivering the flare into Right-Centerfield with 2 outs in the 11th, bringing home Cuddyer to win the game, too.
El Duque and the ChiSox even took a massive beating in Arizona, drawing the Twins back within 3 games in the Loss column. Who's to complain?



At 6/16/2005 6:07 PM, Blogger Leslie Monteiro said...

Great win last night by the good guys. To come back to tie the game and then win it in extra innings is awesome. It was good to bounce back from a tough loss Sunday afternnon.

It was good to score some runs after struggling against Foppert in the first four innings. Twins had runners on the corners, but they could not get that big hit off Foppert. Fortunately,they made him pay in the fifth with the bases loaded. Omar Vizquel was about to get the third out, but Durham could not catch the ball as Luis Rodriguez was safe at second. Tie ball game at 3. That was one of the mistakes that the Twins capitalize. Another mistake that the Twins capitalize was when Pedro Feliz could not get Torii out in a rundown in the sixth. Torii was about to steal, but the pitcher threw to second and Torii was in a rundow. Feliz caught the ball, but he forgot to tag Torii as Torii made it back to first. Torii eventually scored on a sac fly by Justin to make it 3-2.

Michael Cuddyer led off with a single and advanced to second on a bunt. Then Shannon did what he does best which is getting the GW hit. Speaking of Michael, what a night for him. He homered to give the Twins their first run of the game and then scored the GW run. Three hits tonight for Michael. He has really played well lately. That's great to hear. I know I have been hard on him, but I am glad he is getting it done. As for Shannon, when he gets the GW hits and the big RBIs, it's always beautiful. I can't say enough about Shannon. He has been clutch since coming to the Twins.

Johan was solid. He struggled in the first few innings, but he settled down. It could have been really worse. He had the bases loaded in one inning and he had runners on the corners. Fortuantely, he gave up only one run and minmize the damage. He did good enough to give the Twins a chance to tie and eventually win.


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