Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Admission Possible

As you may have read at Twins Territory, Twins Geek is organizing a gathering at the Twins-Tigers game on June 21 to benefit Admission Possible, a non-profit organization set up to help promising low-income students earn admission to college. Towards this goal, the organization helps prepare students for entrance exams, provides assistance in preparing college applications, helps to obtain financial aid, and gives support to students in their transition to college.

Admission Possible is selling tickets for $25, or $5 per child, which includes admission to the game as well as a pregame picnic with hot dogs/chips/soda and a jazz band, and an entry in a raffle to win seats in the owner's box where you may sit with Twins legend Tony Oliva. Tony O is expected to drop by the picnic to say hello, as well. Carl Pohlad has pledged to match every dollar raised by the event, and all proceeds go to benefit Admission Possible.

I'm planning to be there, along with Twins Geek, Gleeman, Twins Junkie, and Peter from Mudville Magazine. Stick & Ball Guy has indicated he'll probably be there, maybe with Lucy and her cat photos. So it should be a nice time. I'm looking forward to meeting folks in our online community, at last.

To buy tickets, GO HERE. A Twins game, jazz music, food, hanging out with other baseball fanatics, a chance to meet Tony O, and it's all for a good cause. Sounds like the event of the season. I hope to see you there.


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