Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Well, Did You Evah?

The game last night was a crashing dud, but we had a swell-egant, elegant party thanks to the Admission Possible event, anyway.

What a huge bash! I hadn't anticipated so many families associated with the organization being there, so I was surprised to see the picnic area already packed with young kids when I arrived fashionably late. (Really, traffic was backed up on I-94.) It felt like there should have been some sort of graduation ceremony or awards handed out. I had trouble getting my bearings and spotting anyone I could recognize. At one point I saw Skorch wandering around, but didn't wave him over to my table only because I'm an awkward freak about initiating introductions. It must be the English blood in me. Now that I see on the Batgirl site that he saw me but wanted to give me space because I was eating, I want to say I'm sorry for being such a bloody doofus, Skorch. Next time I see you at an event, I'll make a point of saying hello.

If Jenn hadn't spotted SBG waving at me while I was walking out, I might not have met anyone. But I did get to say hello to Aaron and Twins Junkie--I believe it was Twins Junkie--at the SBG table, and later SBG and his buddy Moss came over to sit by me at the game. In the stands I also got to meet AMR, who turns out to be a great Sonic Youth fan, and his bright-eyed little daughter who seemed to be in a perpetual quest to move and explore her environment, not too unlike my kitten when she's charged up. Somehow these people knew me by sight, and I'm not sure how. Did the Mariners shirt give me away? I don't think I look too much like Einstein or Dr. J.

Anyway, I had actually won seats to sit in the owner's box, but I declined the prize. It's weird because I had a strong feeling I was going to win the seats too, but I'd decided to pass on them because I was already getting into the game for free. I'm glad to hear that Twins Geek and his family sat in the box, since he probably sold most of the tickets to the event. Skorch probably sold a good stack via the power of the Batgirl site, too. Me? I would have felt wrong, an interloper in the lap of luxury... plush, velvety luxury... mmmmmm.... As it turned out, I think I got the best deal sitting in my favorite section 227... plastic blue seats, upper deck, looking down the 1B line... and talking with SBG and Moss. Even though the game was uninspiring, they helped make watching it a good time, still.

Two highlights: Torii leaping over the wall to rob Brandon Inge of a home run to end the 3rd inning, and Inge waiting to say something to him in the infield. The AP recap says he flipped his helmet on the ground as Torii jogged past, as a sign of respect, but I'm not too sure that was the real sentiment he intended to express. Also, SBG almost called Luis Rivas' first extra-base hit of the season when he predicted a double to lead off the 6th, and Louiee poked a ball down the 1st baseline, but somehow couldn't make the turn towards 2nd before Craig Monroe could collect the ball in Rightfield. SBG was totally cheated of his moment of glory. Rivas, you owe him one. Not that you don't already owe us all. Moss said he had predicted Dmitri Young would homer, but I think he must have called it before they came to sit by me. We'll just have to take his word for it.

The rest of the game action is kind of a hazy wash in my mind. Jeremy Bonderman dominating the Twins with a crazy strike/ball ratio; Lohse reverting back to his Disappointing Enigma mode, getting knocked around after the batters had one or two looks at him, just like early in the season. Guerrier and Mulholland combined for 4.1 good innings, but if you see both of them in the same game, chances are you've either been at the park for 4 hours or the contest was essentially over by the 4th or 5th inning. This one was true to the latter form. Moss even ditched us to hit the road early. In my younger days I would have scorned him for such a faithless act, but now... life is short, and if a guy doesn't care to spend another minute of it watching Terry Mulholland mop up a lost cause, who am I to judge the fickle bastard?

No, really, thanks to both of them for coming up to talk, and thanks to Admission Possible and Twins Geek for bringing the gathering together. I hope we can have another meet-up like it again. Looking forward to it.


At 6/22/2005 9:18 PM, Blogger TwinsJunkie said...

What gave me away? The shirt or the name tag with "TWINS JUNKIE" written across it?

By the way, what in the world did you do with those tickets. We should've traded!

At 6/22/2005 9:45 PM, Blogger frightwig said...

What threw me off was that you somehow looked quite a bit different than the picture you had on your old site (and obscured in the banner atop your present page)--or at least the way I remembered the image in my mind's eye. I believed I was saying hello to Twins Junkie when I shook your hand, but today I couldn't remember if you had actually said your name, so I wasn't 100% sure.

I just exchanged my tickets when I checked in at the front table. I think they were slipped into another envelope, but I have no idea who got them.

At 6/22/2005 11:11 PM, Blogger Moss said...

Hi Frightwig,

Moss (the fickle bastard) enjoyed meeting you too. Apparently Moss didn't miss a damn thing, since the Twinkies got no more baserunners and the Tigers were done scoring.

Just to set the record straight, SBG called a homer, but it was on D. Young's first AB (he K'd).

At 6/22/2005 11:21 PM, Blogger amr said...

frightwig, Skorch told me you looked kinda like Jerry Garcia with a mariner's shirt. When I saw you in my row, I knew it must be you.

At 6/25/2005 8:19 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

God, here it is 4 days later and I'm finally checking in on Frightwig's take on these events.

It's odd, I'm normally pretty reserved, but when it comes to people that I've read/seen/heard that I like I have no problem just introducing myself to them... unless they're eating. I don't get it either. At any rate, it's not like I had anything insightful to say. It would have likely started and ended at "hey I dig your writing."



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