Friday, June 16, 2006

Calling in a Favor


WK: If this is Kenny from the 407, I told you, I'll see you this afternoon at the ballpark.

TR: Shwa? Wayne? Hey, this is your old buddy, Terry.

WK: Terry who?

TR: Terry Ryan.

WK: Terry from the 612! Que pasa?

TR: Well, you know. Just keepin' it real. Got a project ahead of us. We're scrapping Plan A this week and we'll see what the kids can do the rest of the way. But now I got a little logjam problem and need to swing a deal.

WK: Sure, we could use a reliever to replace Weathers. You want a prospect for Nathan or Rincon?

TR: No, no.... I need to call in a favor. I think you owe me one, for the way the Batista deal went down....

WK: Dude, I made a careful point of negotiating a non-guaranteed contract with him there. You never thought I might have done that for a reason? (Laughs.)

TR: Come on, Wayne. We're friends, right? Remember all those scouting trips we took together, all the nights we shared the floor in Carl's apartment down in Fort Myers, all that Caribbean rum?

WK: Yeah, yeah. We had some good times, boss. OK, you did put in a good word for me when I interviewed here... what do you need?

TR: Like I said, I got a logjam on the roster. We called up Bartlett this week...


TR: Yeah, I know. I should never listen to Gardy... So now we have too many middle infielders on the roster, Castro's benched, and I'd like to move him out before that turns into a real problem. Could you use another middle infielder?

WK: Um, not especially. After Lopez & Phillips, we already have three other guys who can play SS or 2B.

TR: Wayne, remember the time we were down in Venezuela and your wife called....

WK: Right, what do you need in return?

TR: You got any toolsy kids in Class A who aren't hitting a lick this spring?

WK: Who doesn't? You got a name in mind?

TR: How about that Roberts kid in Sarasota? He's not hitting, but he looks fast.

WK: Yeah, OK. But this is the last time we mention the trip to Venezuela, right?

TR: OK, scout's honor. We got a deal?

WK: Done. Just draw up the papers and fax 'em over.

TR: Good to talk to you again, Wayne. Say hi to the family for me, and good luck fighting off the Cards the rest of the way!

WK: Thanks, Terry. Good luck with the rebuild; and when you're ready to trade Lohse or Silva, don't let me be the first guy you call, OK?

TR: No prob. I appreciate what you're doing for me here. See you in Pittsburgh at the break?

WK: Not if I see you first! (Laughs.) Yeah, I'll be around. Let's have dinner. Take care.

TR: You, too. Bye.



At 6/18/2006 10:59 AM, Anonymous Jim H. said...

"FINALLY" says Krivsky. As good a line as you'll find from Eugene O'Niell, Niel Simon, or Simon Cowell.

Nicely done, 'wig.

At 6/19/2006 5:42 PM, Anonymous brianS said...

Now it all makes sense. Thanks.

At 6/20/2006 6:15 PM, Blogger SBG said...

I thought what happens in Venezuela stays in Venezuela

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