Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Sanity Now

At last, the Twins have sent Corky Miller to AAA Rochester and called up Terry Tiffee. With this, and Rivas getting bumped from the regular lineup, I may fast be running out of things to complain about. Anyone want to talk knitting or something?

My favorite part of LaVelle's report is how he adds this tag at the end: "The Twins were worried that Miller, 0-for-12 at the plate, would be claimed by another team because he is a good receiver. But they were able to slip him through waivers."

Slipped him through in the dead of night, I'm sure. Or else there really isn't such a demand for a backup Catcher who has 1 hit in his last 55 at-bats or has batted .111/.253/.111 in the last couple years in the majors. Who knew?!?

Leave it to the professionals, folks. They know what they're doing.


At 5/04/2005 9:22 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Frightwig, if you need something to complain about, how about starting the charge for the Twins to replace Scott Ullger? (Or how about the entire coaching staff, save Rick Anderson?)


At 5/05/2005 9:44 AM, Blogger Lichty said...

You still have:

o-3 with the bases loaded and only one run;

Resto is raking in Colo;


At 5/05/2005 6:35 PM, Blogger SBG said...

Slip him through waivers? I'd say the proverbial path was so wide they could have drove a truck through it.

At 5/06/2005 2:44 PM, Blogger Tim Minnesota said...

Ullger has been with the Twins quite a while, I don't think he is horrible but I do wish that Molitor was our hitting coach - even though Seattle wasn't all that good last year with him.


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