Thursday, June 29, 2006

Twins vs. Twins

My interest in tracking the Twins' record has been revived sufficiently enough to start updating the Twins vs. Twins table in the righthand column again. The hot streak of late may be too little, too late to reel in the Tigers or White Sox, but at least the team is making up ground on Tom Kelly's 2001 Twins.

On June 7, when the 2006 Twins were standing at 25-33 (OK, hardly standing), TK's team had a 12-game lead which has now been reduced to 4. The 2001 Twins are in the midst of a hot streak of their own, winning 11 of their next 13 (and 15 of 18 in the run), so they may add back some padding to their lead over the next couple weeks, but students of Twins history and those who bore witness at the time know that TK's last team goes down like Icarus right after reaching their apex of the season.

Whether the same fate awaits this Twins team, in what looks like another transitional season in club history, we'll see....


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