Thursday, May 05, 2005

Izzy update

I'm working on a column that I won't finish today, but meanwhile, for those interested in my cat Isabella: she had surgery to get the blood circulating through her liver on Tuesday at the U of M. I've visited her at the ICU ward each day since then, and she's recovering nicely. Bright and alert, eating normally, popular as usual with all the staff. Today she was even in the mood to walk around and explore the visiting area, except when a dog might have been walking by. Then she looked wary, and once even got her back up in a defensive pose--which, in a way, was good to see, too. The only thing apparently bothering her was the gauze wrapped around her front leg to hold the I.V. line in place. She wanted to lick it and pull it off, already.

So, there is some chance of complications developing down the line, but she is doing well so far. She may come home tomorrow, or for sure by Saturday.


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