Friday, June 30, 2006

The Return of DePodesta

Just days after I wrote about Paul DePodesta, the news reports say he has landed with the Padres, hired as "Special Assistant for Baseball Operations," which apparently means he will be advising GM Kevin Towers and other baseball men in the organization. So who hired him?

Sandy Alderson, now CEO of the Padres, formerly the Oakland Athletics GM who mentored Billy Beane. DePodesta will report directly to him.

I just found a new favorite NL team. I hope the Padres stick it to the Dodgers for years to come.


At 7/03/2006 9:08 AM, Anonymous Jim H. said...

The Podesta family ruled Massa, Italy, for many generations. At the palace in Massa Marittima (the port), generations of Podesta coats of arms are displayed. In front of the palace is a pillory, to which offenders were tied for public ridicule. I'm glad Mr. DePodesta's period in the baseball pillory was brief and he's back in the castle (albiet an anteroom) again.

Jim H.

At 7/03/2006 1:07 PM, Anonymous JIm H. said...

The Padres play the Dodgers 10 more times this season (7 in LA, 3 in SD). Given that the Padres have a very thin lead in the division, it seems a very smart move indeed to add DePodesta to the front office.

And if DePodesta lives anywhere south of, say, Laguna Beach, he doesn't even have to move!

Jim H.

At 7/03/2006 9:36 PM, Blogger Andrew Berg said...

Towers is too verile to suggest an apprenticeship situation, so I suspect DePo is trying to reestablish his good standing with baseball folk before resuming his successful GM career.

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